Slogans vs Governing

Saturday August 31, 2013

Hope and Change — Forward — Yes We Can

We have gone from “It takes a village” to “The village is bankrupt.”

Here we are at the end of another month. Syria is the hot topic of the day and all the kowtowers in the media are salivating about what the messiah will do. I liken the pundits and their minions to frogs jumping to catch the latest fly—all the while refusing to do anything about the filth they squat in.

One would hope that the media could at least give a light mention to the failures of this current administration. I have no idea what the “Hope” thing was all about, but for sure we got a lot of change. The main thing we have now is the change to acceptance of a new status quo. The jobs outlook is so bad that our young people now look forward to living with their parent until they are well into their 30s.

The young graduates are saddled with education debt. Instead of seeking to reduce the insane cost of education, the AO wants to reduce the interest rate. By itself, this has to be a good idea, but something should be done about out of control spending by universities. Difficult for a gov’ment to address out of control anything.

And yet, the young people still believe with all their great intellect that Obama is the savior. Of course, they have yet to feel the heat from the costs of ObamaCare with the high premiums and the taxes. But, one can never tell. Maybe ten or twelve years flipping burgers on a part-time basis will result in a new slogan: “Somewhere, over the Rainbow…”

From the placid shores of Hannibal, MO by: A.R. Eskew