Budget by Sequester

Sunday March 17, 2013

“ICE Director John Morton admitted 2,228 were released for “solely budgetary reasons.”


Does anyone other than me see a problem with releasing detainees due to budget constraints? First of all, the terrible consequences of sequester were not in place when the iron bars were opened.  But more important to the issue is the lack of a budget.

There is no budget!  Let me repeat that:  THERE IS NO BUDGET!  So, how can any agency accurately use a fictitious budget constraint to justify any actions?  You can be assured there is no cut back in any other area associated with ICE.

Even this fiasco of political game playing has failed to divert the public’s wrath at the closing of the White House tours.  But the benevolent media continues to scrape and bow to give a pass.

One cannot but wonder how the ICE will be hit so hard by sequester, but other federally run prisons have yet to set free the less-than-dangerous.  Or, maybe, we have yet to be told just what happens in the dark of the night.

From the placid shores of Hannibal, MO by:  A.R. Eskew