“The most transparent administration…”

Saturday February 16, 2013

Clear up Benghazi in less than one hour?

The Benghazi massacre is almost, but not quite, a closed matter. There are lingering flickers of inspection but only because of the current confirmation hearings. I’ve gone back through my files and library and read everything I have to date on the subject. It is astounding how so much pure garbage has been put forth by the administration. Further, it seems that with the exception of Fox News, no one in the media gives a damn. Accordingly, it is obvious that the major news outlets do not wish to seek to let the truth be brought to the light of day.

Just think, of the clamor and outcry if it was President Bush who was presiding over the cover-up and whitewash that has gone on by the current administration.

Even though I may have asked the questions before, I will ask again. If there is nothing to hide, if the administration has been totally above board on all matters leading up to the Benghazi massacre, then why is there a need to hide documents, memorandum and emails? I’ll take another shot at answering the question: The US was involved in providing weapons to the Syrian rebels through the back door of Turkey.

There is no transparency in this administration. Further, it is with deep regret to note there is no accountability.

From the placid shores of Hannibal, MO by:  A.R. Eskew