State of the Union Address – or more “Kick the Can”????

Thursday February 7, 2013

Boehner presses president to replace sequester–politics.html

In a warm up for next week’s State of the Union Address, the now seasoned chief executive and all powerful administrator is spending all of his time on three sports: golf, kick the can, and dodge ball. I don’t know about his scores on the green links but for damn sure he has become an expert in the other two pastimes.

The law was put in place and is now termed Sequester whereby draconian cuts are to be put in place. The next deadline is approximately March 1. The last deadline was January 1.

So the can has been kicked, but I see no reason why it will not be kicked down the road again. After all, Obama is a master at playing dodge ball.

From the placid shores of Hannibal, MO by:  A.R. Eskew