Printing Our Way out of debt?

Sunday January 6, 2013

Rep. Jerry Nadler: Pay national debt with platinum

What can I say? Finally, someone is taking what I say seriously. I suggested on December 7, 2012, that we just print our way off the Fiscal Cliff.

The above two links show others are taking my idea seriously. And I have to ask another question – are these people completely out of touch with reality?

My suggestion to print more money was in jest. Now it seems they may be serious in minting some $T platinum coins and then using them to pay off things.

It is purely a case of the lunes taking over the asylum.

The solution is to stop spending so damn much and to tax, at least at some minimum level, more. It is not a quick fix, but over time it will cure the patient.

But trust me, until we have a Constitutional amendment to have Term Limits; the solution will never be put into action.

The Candyman says,…you can even eat the dishes, Oh, who can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream…”


IB Wright

PS – I surprised myself when I used a link to Rachel The MadCow’s site, but I did so for two reasons. One was to reinforce my notion others are taking me seriously. The second was to once again give an example of Media Bias by The MadCow’s blog. Note how the piece ends and I quote – “But the fact that this is even a topic of conversation reinforces what is plainly true: radicalized congressional Republicans sure have made a mess of things.”