Is it a Fiscal Cliff or a Fickle Drop-off?

Monday November 18, 2012


An Opine

The election is over; the investigations detract (abysmally) from the urgent fiscal problems of our nation. For now, there is abundant lip service by all in DC for a fix before we careen off the cliff. It is all hog wash.

After careful thinking, lots of anguish, and a smidgen of comic relief, I conclude that it would be in the best interest of our once great nation to allow a Fickle Drop-off. Why? You may ask. Well, I foresee the deceitful kings and princes in DC making sure taxes are raised on the citizens as well as the corporations to include capital gains and let’s not forget the dead. However, when it comes to cutting spending, we can expect timidity at best.

Our once proud nation can pick our way back to prosperity given the chances. I say let the dollar crash, let the banks close, the all the greased hands withdraw with a piece of cake. Then, and only then, will the real America come forth to ream the soiled pipes of government clean of the foulness so long entrenched.

From the placid shores of Hannibal, MO by: A.R. Eskew