This Land is Our Land…Apparently Not!

Tuesday October 23, 2012

Arizonans to U.S.: Grand Canyon is Ours

Arizona is going to be in the news again! This time they want to take over some of the federal land in AZ. Turns out the feds “own” about 50% of all the land in the western states.

Utah also passed a law with the same intent. New Mexico, Nevada, and other states are also looking at the issue. For your information, in the states east of Colorado the feds only own 3% of the land.

So, why do the feds need to own 2/3 of Utah? Good question. Maybe if they sold off some of the land they “own” we could reduce the deficit.

Gov. Brewer vetoed a bill that was presented to do the same thing, and now it is going to be put on the ballot for the people to decide.

My opinion is the central government of the USA has no business “owning” so much of the land in the West. I bet they “own” a fair piece of Alaska as well.

IB Wright